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please, answer these questions in order to be able to set up the free quick scan interview with you


we will get in touch asap to set up a max 30-minute talk to take you through the best suitable funding options for you and your company, whether it regards startup funding or fund placement

In case you are a ‘Startup looking for funding or investments’ please read the following: c*funds is specialized in arranging larger investment and fund tickets (0,5 M – 3 M). We focus on high tech companies that would like to scale and have the following elements:


– you are beyond ‘concept’ stage
– you have a functioning website
– you have a business e-mail address
– you have an established team
– you have first revenues


In case you do not have these elements yet, we consider your company to be too early stage for our quick scan and will not be able to book a call with you. If you do book a quickscan and we are uncertain of the stage you are in, we will first ask you to provide some more information on your company before booking a call. Thanks for your consideration!


NOTE: We charge a start fee to get you funded (with EU funds) and a success fee in case of raising investments for you. The Quick Scan is free of charge. Looking forward to speak to you.