Investment fund management

set up your own investment fund
with EIF co-investments

EIF fund


What does this mean? c*funds partners parties who are looking to set up an investment fund. In collaboration with these parties a concept of an investment fund is drawn up. This concept is sent to the EIF (European Investment Fund). EIF has available funding within different thematic funding programmes. Concepts which are approved are topped up with EIF funding. The innovation fund is meant to fuel investments, boost growth and most importantly enable a more free flow of investment capital beyond country borders. The process of setting up an investment fund, including negotiations, lies between 4-6 months.


Setting up EIF funds is particularly interesting for:

● private equity owners (regardless from nation, also outside EU)
● BA’s
● Social Impact Accelerators
● StartupHubs
● VC’s
● local and national governments


c*funds has actively worked with the EIF to promote the possibilities for many startup accelerators, Angels and VC’s to set up and manage their own investment funds. As an expert on EIF fund management, c*funds has well established contacts with EIF and has track records on screening the documentation and guiding the preparation.

set up an EIF fund


Would you like some more info? We have set up a document clarifying the process to setting up an EIF investment fund and what to expect. Open it here


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Roadmap to EIF co-investment

What can co-investment by the European Investment Fund mean for your VC or private equity firm? Get insight in the necessities and timeline of the EIF co-investment process (EFSI Equity) through our EIF Roadmap.

  • Week-for-week timeline
  • Summary of all necessities
  • Best practices

Free PDF

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Want to know more or are you already interested in setting up an EIF fund? Get in touch with our Funding Placement expert Katalin Gallyas.

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  • Expert on EU funds & fund placement
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tools we bet on

Since we don’t want to waste your or our precious time, we have invested in creating the best possible infrastructure around our grant or investment documentations. We make sure we can easily co-write in the same documents and ensure you know all the milestones, deliverables and deadlines. The tools we use make the full process super easy to control.

Monday – All clients of c*funds get Project planning through Monday, a highly efficient project management tool.


Get your own Monday project management tool here

Google Drive – used to create the proposals and co-write with clients to make sure we always work in the same file and refrain from mistakes working in different versions

other tools we rely on:

PandaDoc – all our contracts and mutual NDA’s are registered and created in PandaDoc where you can simply sign digitally.

Slack – if you want to create a team with us we are happy to open a channel with you, also for the follow up.

Pipedrive – we register and manage our traction here in order to be able to grow exponentially

Invoiced – To control our cash flow and invoice in a very efficient way, we make use of Invoiced benefiting you to pay at your convenience with PayPal, credit card or IBAN wire.