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You have probably heard of the funding that is available within the EU to help finance your innovative start-up. But the tricky EU content and websites make it hard to even figure out where to start! We are here to help. We will find the best funding programme fit to your company and co-write the funding proposal with you. We work with a start fee and a success fee %.


We focus on innovation funding programmes. This means that we write EU funding proposals for programmes that require either a fully innovative start up or an innovative and ground breaking new product or service within an existing company.


In order to (co-)write the proposals we work closely together with you and your team to get all the insights in your innovation or innovative company, as you know your company best!


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If you have figured out the EU funding ‘jungle’ and have already written your proposal, we are here to fully review your proposal and mold it into an exemplary, eye catching EU proposal.


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 DIY Tool


We also provide a ‘do it yourself’ tool for writing the SME1 funding proposal, our c*platform. The SME1 funding programme is one of the more well known EU funding programmes. We have launched a step-by-step online writing tool, c*platform, which guides you in writing your own SME1 funding proposal. Once you have finished the last step your proposal simply ‘rolls out’.


Examples EU funding

We have wide experience writing proposals for the following EU funding schemes*


  • SME1: €50K for a feasibility study of an innovation in concept or MVP phase. Money is to be used in a 6 month time frame to further develop the product and test market feasibility
  • SME2: €500K to €5 million to be used in a 2 year time frame to 1) further develop your innovation and 2) commercialize this innovation. To apply, your innovation/company must at least be beyond prototyping stage.
  • FTI: €3 million for close-to-market innovation activities in any area of technology or application. FTI has been launched with the idea of providing a ‘one stop shop’ for funding innovationsin the EU. You cannot apply as a single applicant, you must partner with at least 2 companies from 2 different EU eligible funding countries than yours (totalling 3 parties).
  • EuroStars: Funding depends on national guidelines. Eurostars supports research and development (R&D) projects by SMEs. You cannot apply as a single applicant, you must partner with at least 1 company from a different Eurostars eligible funding country than yours (totalling 2 parties).


*We are always keen to find new funding schemes that match best with your innovation!

Examples Dutch funding

Click here to read about the Top 3 Dutch Subsidies 2018 (a new page will open)


c*funds does not deal directly with Dutch funds, however we work together with a Dutch subsidy expert partner

Deadlines Funding
SME Funding

Find more detailed information in the infosheet below about the SME 1 & SME2 EU funding scheme


SME instrument infosheet (a new page will open)

Tools we bet on

Since we don’t want to waste your or our precious time, we have invested in creating the best possible infrastructure around our grant or investment documentations. We make sure we can easily co-write in the same documents and ensure you know all the milestones, deliverables and deadlines. The tools we use make the full process super easy to control.

Monday – All clients of c*funds get Project planning through Monday, a highly efficient project management tool.


Get your own Monday project management tool here

Google Drive – used to create the proposals and co-write with clients to make sure we always work in the same file and refrain from mistakes working in different versions

other tools we rely on:

PandaDoc – all our contracts and mutual NDA’s are registered and created in PandaDoc where you can simply sign digitally.

Slack – if you want to create a team with us we are happy to open a channel with you, also for the follow up.

Pipedrive – we register and manage our traction here in order to be able to grow exponentially

Invoiced – To control our cash flow and invoice in a very efficient way, we make use of Invoiced benefiting you to pay at your convenience with PayPal, credit card or IBAN wire.