template and review for SME1 instrument proposal (Horizon 2020) for startups

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Have you ever been upset …

a) about the inaccessible EU language, long requirements

b) about the expensive consultants

c) about the painful ICT systems/not user friendly interfaces to submit a grant?

Here the 50k EUR EU innovation grant can easily be generated through a 100% startup friendly platform, where you also get a review from EU certified evaluators before the submission. No time to waste. Focus on your amazing product development, while we provide you with this new shortcut to get well funded!

together with Editio we have launched this platform

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  • Basic

    (template, instruction, best practices)

    € 1.450
  • Silver

    (template, instruction, best practices, submission services to EU)

    € 1.750
  • Premium

    (template, instruction, best practices, submission to EU and layout design )

    € 1.950

free download SME1 templates

We grant you an access here to the SME1 Horizon 2020 uninstructed raw templates. However, based on our experiences we don’t advise you to start filling it out alone. It is important to see best practices and get the right instructions and reviews, otherwise you can be very much ‘off the track’, resulting lost hours and frustration of not getting funded.