template and review for SME1 instrument proposal (Horizon 2020) for startups

get access to the c*platform – a truly startup friendly EU funding platform – and get funded with a 50K innovation grant

This new & efficient EU funding platform has been launched by c*funds in collaboration with Editio.

We promise the following:

  • Easy startup friendly explanation of EU funds
  • Write your own proposal using our expertise and best practices
  • Effective online support and reviews
  • Possible integration of EU funds with Seed Investments

The c*platform is your No. 1 aid in generating your funding proposal to win the 50K EUR SME1 innovation grant. A 100% startup friendly platform which after completion gives you qualitative proposal content reviewed by our experienced proposal writer team. No time to waste. Focus on your amazing product development, while we provide you with this new shortcut to get well funded*!

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* This platform does not give any guarantees to win, however, with our expertise and support it significantly increases your proposal quality and therefore chances. We can additionally support you with introductions to Seed Investors and Business Angels. 

thanks for choosing c*funds!

You will receive an email with your invoice shortly after registration. After the payment (safely through PayPal, iDeal or Wire) we will invite you for the course and instructed templates.

Personal information:

Business information:

* the presented prices here are excl VAT. If you are located in the Netherlands we will calculate VAT above this price. If you are a startup outside the Netherlands pls fill your VAT nr so that we can apply the VAT neutrality between EU countries.


  • Silver

    (template, instruction, best practices, submission services to EU)

    € 1150
  • Premium

    (template, instruction, best practices, submission to EU and layout design )

    € 1350

free download SME1 templates

We grant you an access here to the SME1 Horizon 2020 uninstructed raw templates. However, based on our experiences we don’t advise you to start filling it out alone. It is important to see best practices and get the right instructions and reviews, otherwise you can be very much ‘off the track’, resulting lost hours and frustration of not getting funded.

upcoming EU submission deadlines

  • 08 – February 2018
  • 03 – May 2018
  • 05 – September 2018
  • 07 – November 2018

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how it works

For whom?

Any startup with great ideas and a (groundbreaking) innovation who is looking for funding. You can be pre-revenue stage. Most important is that you have a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and that you would like to test the feasibility (market/technical features). You  should also have the ambition to sell in the EU or global market (not only national focus).


Advantages are: your business is international and you have a good English website.

Aims of the course

To give you access to the SME1 EU funds with the least possible financial & time investments. It is a new interactive way to make EU grants more accessible for startups. We do not use difficult bureaucratic EU language but only ‘startup’ friendly terms.

Practical Information

After registration you’ll receive an invoice. After completing the payment, we will send you the login data. With that you can log in, meet your tutor and start completing the assignments for the SME1 grant.


Online Learning Platform
With the login data you will receive access to our interactive learning platform, where you will find the step-by-step instruction on how to start working on the grant proposal. After you have completed one assignment just press the button ‘Send’ and your tutor will review it and send back a feedback within 48 hours. Per assignment you can receive 2 reviews.


Structure of the course.
With this course we do not have an exact beginning or start date. You can start at your convenience.

In this platform we provide full confidentiality, no one else, except your tutor can access your proposal.


NOTE: if you want to reach an upcoming submission deadline it is important to start a minimum of 4 weeks before the submission date so you and the tutor have time to write & review in time.


The experience shows that startups can complete this course within 4 weeks with around 6-10 hours of dedicated writing per week. The course is made up out of 25 assignments. At the end of these 25 assignments you have all the content for a full proposal!


Individual Reviews
With this course you are participating in a fully autonomous course, independent from other students/startups.

Price Packages
  • Silver |  € 750   
    (template, instruction, best practices, submission services)
  • Premium | € 950
    (template, instruction, best practices, submission and layout design )


* the presented prices here are excluding VAT. If you are located in the Netherlands we will calculate VAT on top of this price. If you are a startup outside the Netherlands please fill your VAT number so that we can apply the VAT neutrality between EU countries.

Why this course?

This is an EU startup grant writing course for requesting a 50K grant from the EU innovation program (Horizon 2020) SME Instrument. Up until now these formats were only available through expensive consultants and brokers (for a minimum startfee of 3.000 EUR + 5% success fee, which totals to 11% from the grant amount). Now with this platform, based on best practices and continuous online guidance you will be empowered to do it alone against a minimum investment (3% of the grant amount). We will support you with composing the right proposal while meeting all the formal requirements.

About the Tutor

Katalin Gallyas
Fundraiser expert. Initiates large scale EU grants and private investments for startups and startup accelerators. European Commission certified reviewer, innovation expert and lobbyist. Brokering between the European Commission, European Investment Fund and startups and Venture Capitalists


Katalin is the founder of c*funds, a virtual startup incubator, where high potential startups are being accelerated with private investments and with EU funds from 50 k till 10 M EUR. European Commission Innovation Expert and Reviewer, translates EU language to startup language. Inspires startups to join EU funds. EIB/EIF contact for this call.

What is cfunds?

c*funds is a startup incubator where tech startups can quickly raise funds. c*funds works with certified EU evaluators from the European Commission that have translated complicated EU Terms into startups language.


You have bought the grant proposal generation tool of c*funds. This will empower you and your company to gain access to EU funds in the fastest and least expensive way. We provide best practices to show you what the ideal proposal should look alike. However, c*funds and Editio cannot be claimed for not getting funded. We provide guidance, have a very good track record on winning these grants but there is no 100% guarantee to win it.
During the assignments we provide you with 2 reviews per assignment. This will ensure the quality of the proposal.