growth, buyout, late-stage venture, real estate and debt (50-750 M EUR)

Venture fund placement agent

LP Relation Management


mobilizing relevant, new investors for your new fund

EIF Investment placement

EIF (European Investment Fund) Mandate Advise


experts on supporting new asset managers to secure EIF mandates

EU Grant writing SME1

Creating (or improving) your entire pre-marketing



 compelling fund marketing materials (fund teaser, pitch deck) to attract new LPs

fundraising for your fund

c*funds is a rapidly growing, Benelux based, boutique fund placement agency for Alternative Investment Funds. The majority of our clients are VC’s or PE funds. Typical fund size is 50-750 M EUR and we work mainly with serial, seasoned fund managers.  What differentiates us from other placement agents is that we are highly entrepreneurial, fast mover deal-makers, combined with a very diverse global LP base (FoF’s, investment banks, insurance firms, Single/Multiple Family Offices, CVC’s, endowments and pension funds). We have built this in 4,5 years with lots of investment and passion to change the traditional Placement Agency industry. Strong LP base in Benelux, North Europe, UK & DACH.


We move fast and have gained a profound understanding of the global LP industry.


What do we offer?


  • Evidence-based,  pre-marketing and fund advisory services before launching your campaign (fund parameters, USP’s, LP incentives, data-room advisory etc)
  • Compelling fundraising documents assessed against market standards and LP terms
  • Benchmark competitor funds and access to their LP’s
  • Access to an exclusive and relevant LP network in your investment area
  • Setting up your LP meetings and represent you in PE events
  • Mentoring before the LP meetings
  • Support with LP negotiations
  • Peer-experience. Expertise exchange with other successful fundraiser GP’s


GP references on demand available


B EUR fund mandates


direct LP contacts


GP’s/fund managers helped with fundraising

our code of conduct:

  1. We always start with a strong context analysis around all GPs (asset background, team, competition).
  2. We bring a unique boutique feature, moving fast to activate warm leads for your new fund.
  3. We contact our (warm) proprietary LP base for GP fund marketing
  4. We produce tangible fundraising results – fund marketing campaign, mailings, LP calls, face-to-face LP meetings, pre-set meetings in high-caliber GP-LP matchmaking events
  5. We work transparently with our fund managers and are highly responsive deal-makers
  6. Our pricing is GP friendly
  7. We believe in gender and ethnical diversity in private equity and we pursue that in our daily work with our c*funds team

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what our clients think of us

“c*funds provided us with the ability to jumpstart our activities and develop industry-leading presentations and documentation within our data room which as a new fund was vital for us from a business and credibility perspective.”

Warwick Hill

Co-Founder of SuperCapital Partners

“c*funds is a professional and dynamic team that eases the private equity fundraising process and helped make this lengthy process more effective. Although based in the US, we have found working with c*funds to be easy and their methods to be extremely helpful and professional.”

Stonly Baptiste

Partner of Urban Us, New York & San Francisco

“c*funds team have provided great help for fund managers like us. They are knowledgeable in the PE markets and give us valuable advice to each step of the whole fundraising process. I would really appreciate their force of good energy and business smarts!”

Jan Lozek

Founder and Managing Partner of Future Energy Ventures (Innogy)

“They are a very dedicated and knowledgeable team that has helped us succeed and go the extra mile! c*funds have guided us well throughout the process and without them, we would have spent 2-3x the amount of time. Absolutely worth it!” 

Christoph Miller

Founding & Managing Partner of Oyster Bay Growth Capital

our clients

Super Capital Partners

VC Fund Enterprise B2B Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial IoT, Bio/Health Tech, Renewables (cross-sector) & Distressed Assets.

Aera 21 

Early Stage VC – Focusing on deep tech/challenges with impact globally.

FRAGG Investments

Closed-end Fund – Multi-sector SMEs in the impact and climate domain in West Africa.

private equity fundraising is
our expertise

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Katalin Gallyas

Managing Director

Katalin is an experienced fund placement agent for AIF funds. 15+ years of fundraising experience and a strong background in closing deals. Rich network in Private Equity (VC’s, growth, debt venture funds and LP’s, HNWI’s, FoF’s, Family offices). Proud of making c*funds happen, managing the fund sales processes and the daily tasks of managing this energetic team.

Motto: Large tickets. Be transactional and fast.  Fund of funds promotor and builder.

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Frans Jooste

LP Manager and Financial Director

After 7 years in private banking and investment management, Frans brings a strong financial background, as well as a commercial and proactive approach to deal-making; There is always a deal to be done, you just need to bring the right people together. This way of thinking will serve our GPs well, as he looks to grow and strengthen our LP base to facilitate better matchmaking and faster placements.

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Annelle Finol

Associate & Investor Relations

Having an encompassing experience in the world of international finance, Annelle brings rich wealth management knowledge to c*funds. Prior to moving to Amsterdam, she was based in New York as an Investment Consultant for UHNI at Merrill Lynch. During her time there she developed sound skills in investor relations, portfolio management and relationship management. As well as extensive knowledge of markets, investment platforms, solutions, and relevant contacts. She is tactful and pragmatic about your new LP relations.

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Guy Whitfield

Senior Associate and Head of Investor Relations

After graduating with an MSc from the University of Exeter, Guy started his career as a financial analyst in London. Prior to c*funds Guy was advising and conducting data and financial analysis for a consultancy firm in Amsterdam.

 He provides strategic and tactical guidance to VC and PE clients and manages a variety of funds during the fundraising campaigns.  He is also responsible for maintaining and forming new relationships with a diverse range of investors on a global scale.

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Lieke Giltay

Associate & Investor Relations

Lieke is a young, bright talent with excellent and international academic records. She graduated at the University of Amsterdam, with a cum laude MSc Business Administration and a MSc in Political Economy. She previously worked in the finance team at an economic consultancy firm and at a sustainable tech company. Her knowledge of private equity and venture capital help her in supporting the GP campaign management. With strong analytical work she improves our daily LP reachout with a bright and fresh approach.

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Huyen Duong Nguyen

Office Manager

Huyen has graduated MBA at the University of Greenwich, also certified from Wharton University for Operational Analytics and Data Collection. She has had a wide range of business experience in Vietnam in real estate, deal brokering, sales & marketing, and office management.Her eagerness to learn and high responsiveness is a great added value to c*funds. She makes sure that all the fundraising campaigns, GP relations are being coordinated seamlessly.

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Marta Szegner

Graphic Designer

Marta is a highly skilled graphic designer who is superbly creative and assessable to the designs from a business point of view. At c*funds, her role is to make fund marketing materials (pitch decks and teasers) look professional, fresh and engaging. She also plays a vital role in c*funds brand development and website redesign. Marta studied Bachelor of Foreign Trade /Economics in Budapest & Amsterdam. Her market experiences come from 6 years of advertising agency work at J. Walter Thompson.

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