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Fund Placement


c*funds helps existing or aspirant fund managers, General Partners (GP’s), who are looking to set up a new investment fund of 10 – 100 M EUR and need help with finding external private investments, Limited Partners (LP’s). All our GP-LP matchmaking is fully customized (to geography and sector) supported by smart business intelligence. We help you to get the necessary paperwork done and dealbroker for new investors.


Added value?

  • +10 years of EU grants experience enriched with strong investment skills
  • Fast and professional preparation of frictionless fund documentation (10 week sprints). We produce the following documentation: teaser about your new fund, pitch deck and PPM (Private Placement Memorandum)
  • We have a vast network of family offices, PE’s and VC’s
  • We make use of data mining
  • We aid in deal brokering


Track Record

  • c*funds has successfully supported approved EIF investment fund applications:
    28 M EUR in 2017 and 30 M EUR in 2018
  • Total of 380 M EUR assets/fund proposals from 6 different funds are
    currently in ongoing negotiations with the EIF
  • Private Equity Raising: currently c*funds is engaging LP’s for a total ticket
    of 45 M USD for 2 different funds from Israel and Singapore


On demand we provide references

Want to know more or are you already interested in fundraising with us, you can click on the following link below to book a free Quick Scan with us!

We work very actively with our clients (fund managers) as we act as a Project Manager on initiating your new fund. We also work with one Analyst from your team (market evidence) and one Strategist/Executive to fix the fund parameters.


As a proven concept of c*funds we mainly work with 10 week sprints cut into 2 to initiate your new fund.


First Sprint | 6 weeks:

  • Ideation for your new fund
  • c*funds validates and assesses your current fundraising documentation
  • The fund parameters and ‘skeleton’ of your new fund are decided upon
  • Producing fund documentation (teaser about your new fund, pitch deck and PPM (Private Placement Memorandum))


Second Sprint | 4 weeks:

  • Ongoing data mining and match making possible LP’s
  • Brokering (timing regarding this activity fully depends on parties involved)


Want to know more or are you already interested in fundraising with us, you can click on the following link below to book a free Quick Scan with us!

c*funds is a young, dedicated and agile team. We pride ourselves on delivering quality work using the following values:


  • Persistent & confident
  • Experimental & passionate
  • Future proof: data crunching, growth hacking, fast market validation
  • Strong in detail engineering
  • Angry (when needed)
  • Strong team of skilled financial experts, copywriters and designers

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  • Personalized advice
  • Expert on EU funds & fund placement
  • Discuss options through video call

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tools we bet on

Since we don’t want to waste your or our precious time, we have invested in creating the best possible infrastructure around our grant or investment documentations. We make sure we can easily co-write in the same documents and ensure you know all the milestones, deliverables and deadlines. The tools we use make the full process super easy to control.

Monday – All clients of c*funds get Project planning through Monday, a highly efficient project management tool.


Get your own Monday project management tool here
pitchbook logo

Pitchbook – Pitchbook is one of our most important tools and one of the most powerful tools out there to track financial transactions and filter out the best investment possibilities. c*funds has a partnership with PitchBook to use the most sophisticated fundraising modules for our clients.

other tools we rely on:

PandaDoc – all our contracts and mutual NDA’s are registered and created in PandaDoc where you can simply sign digitally.

Slack – if you want to create a team with us we are happy to open a channel with you, also for the follow up.

Pipedrive – we register and manage our traction here in order to be able to grow exponentially

Invoiced – To control our cash flow and invoice in a very efficient way, we make use of Invoiced benefiting you to pay at your convenience with PayPal, credit card or IBAN wire.