Fund Documentation

ensure perfect

We review all your fundraising documentation and help you with the actual raising. On request, we also design them to form visually appealing docs.


Review Fundraising/Investment Documentation

In need of an objective eye for the fundraising/investment documents of your new fund or your new product (pitch decks, business proposals, teasers, etc.)? Uncertain whether your content will catch the eye of a potential LP (limited partner) or investor? c*funds reviews, rewrites when necessary and validates your docs.


Added value?

  • +10 years of EU grants experience enriched with strong investment skills
  • Honest feedback of all your documentation
  • Validation of documentation (who is looking for what and is this apparent in your documentation?)
  • Visually appealing design on request
  • Large and valuable investor network


On demand we provide references

1. Review

We believe in a seamless customer connection and strong collaboration and we ask for your input to produce the best quality work with the highest chance of success. We first assess your current documents after which we review and rewrite where necessary. In case of unclarity we only schedule calls/meetings if truly necessary but preferably like to refrain from taking up too much of your time and therefore work with e-mail, whatsapp, google docs.


2. Raising Investments

If you are a fund manager looking for investments for your new fund please go here



Want to know more or are you already interested in working with us, you can click on the following link below to book a free Quick Scan with us!

our code of conduct


1. We love smart private equity market data – smart LP data / benchmarks / business intelligence around fundraising. This is our starting point in each campaign

2. We use the best digital tools to support the success of fundraising; our most essential fundraiser business intelligence comes from our partnership with PitchBook (28.000 LP data)

3. We produce tangible fundraising results – fund marketing campaign, mailings, LP f2f meetings, access to PE events

4. We do what we promise

5. We work transparently with our fund managers

6. Our pricing is GP friendly

7. We believe in gender and cultural diversity in private equity and we pursue that in our daily work with our c*funds team




c*funds is a young, dedicated and agile team. We pride ourselves on delivering quality work using the following values:


  • Persistent & confident
  • Experimental & passionate
  • Future proof: data crunching, growth hacking, fast market validation
  • Strong in detail engineering
  • Angry (when needed)
  • Strong team of skilled financial experts, copywriters and designers
tools we bet on

Since we don’t want to waste your or our precious time, we have invested in creating the best possible infrastructure around our grant or investment documentations. We make sure we can easily co-write in the same documents and ensure you know all the milestones, deliverables and deadlines. The tools we use make the full process super easy to control.

Monday – All clients of c*funds can stay up to date what we are working on for them through Trello, a highly efficient project management tool.

pitchbook logo

Pitchbook – is one of our most important tools and one of the most powerful tools out there to track financial transactions and filter out the best investment possibilities. c*funds has a partnership with PitchBook to use the most sophisticated fundraising modules for our clients.

other tools we rely on:

PandaDoc – all our contracts and mutual NDA’s are registered and created in PandaDoc where you can simply sign digitally.

Slack – if you want to create a team with us we are happy to open a channel with you, also for the follow up.

Pipedrive – we register and manage our traction here in order to be able to grow exponentially

Invoiced – To control our cash flow and invoice in a very efficient way, we make use of Invoiced benefiting you to pay at your convenience with PayPal, credit card or IBAN wire.