Fund Documentation

ensure perfect
fund marketing docs

We review all your fundraising documentation and help you to reach a level that LP’s would set a meeting with you. On request, we also do graphic design on your documents. 


Review Your Fundraising Readiness (based on current documents)

c*funds has seen around 400 pitch decks of new asset managers during the last 2 years. There is one obvious trend, high-density text, few visuals, and often disorganized structure not revealing really interesting track records. Lots of LP’s won’t even read it, and it is so pity.

We cannot invent new track records for your new fund but we can make sure what you have you represent in the most attractive and structured way.

We often help you to strategize, to filter our your real USP’s in comparison to your competitors.

Added value?

  • 2 years of strong experience and track record in building rock-solid fund marketing
  • We have been working with many, globally present top-performing GP’s with whom we built many best practices on fund marketing
  • We give an honest validation from an LP point of view (as we work with them daily)
  • Visually appealing design on request
  • Support on discovering your real investment sweet spot
  • You should not waste lots of international resources on this (but better to focus on your deal sourcing and fund performance)


On-demand we provide GP references