our dedicated team

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Katalin Gallyas

managing director

Katalin is an experienced fundraising agent & GP-LP matchmaker for investment funds. 15+ years fundraising experience and strong background in closing deals. Rich network in AIF & fundraising (VC’s, growth, debt venture funds and LP’s, HNWI’s, FoF’s, Family offices). Proud of making c*funds happen, managing the fund sales processes and the daily tasks and rewards of our solid team.

Motto: Large tickets. Fast progress. Fascination for funds of funds.

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Paul van Elk

AIF designer

Paul is one of the first dedicated AIF (Alternative Investment Funds) designers in this conservative private equity market. He has proven track records in helping fund managers structuring complex ideas into impactful, well designed, marketable fund pitch. His strength is to visualise the fund parameters and the storyline in a compelling way: infographics & text compressions.

Motto: Be brave enough to tell the essence of your fund!

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Andrea Rozemeijer

LP mandate manager

Andrea is the beating heart in arranging the proprietary LP intelligence and direct relations with the relevant fund investors for c*funds. Andrea finds and analyzes all relevant open mandates and uses this to build a smart and dynamic LP database – which is the nourishing ground for our GP-LP match making. She brings a high level of diligence and structure to c*funds and her digital marketing skills make c*funds shine.

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Frans Jooste

LP mandate manager

After 7 years in private banking and investment management, Frans brings a strong financial background, as well as a commercial and proactive approach to deal-making; There is always a deal to be done, you just need to bring the right people together. This way of thinking will serve our GPs well, as he looks to grow and strengthen our LP base to facilitate better matchmaking and faster placements.

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Diána Páti

GP portfolio manager

Diána is an experienced and skilled investment memorandum writer and talented project manager with a background in startup ecosystem building in Belgium. She enjoys helping promising GP’s/fund managers to raise funds, polish fund business plans and run the GP-LP matchmaking campaigns.

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Jaime Lezama

GP portfolio manager

Jaime is an MBA graduate with experience as a senior financial analyst in real estate PE and in helping in an expansion of an early stage VC. He’s a serial entrepreneur co-founding a startup builder and consultancy. He brings strategy, engagements and a fresh approach of how to get investors onboard.